Our Family's Founding Story

5 Star Registration was started by my uncle Dave over a decade ago. Our roots stem from Freedom. Back then, my uncle could drive his dune buggy or car whether on a paved road or a dirt one, he never thought he’d get pulled over for driving an unlicensed off-road vehicle. Nearly 17 years ago, he got pulled over and ticketed for driving his dune buggy on the road. That’s when he realized there was a opportunity here. He started helping his friends license their off road vehicles. 5 Star Registration’s original business was helping people make their ATVs, Side by Sides, Dirt Bikes, and more street legal.

Then other states increased their vehicle sales tax. My uncle Dave realized he could help his whole family save money from Montana’s zero vehicle sales tax policy.

Flashforward nearly two decades, 5 Star Registration has helped 17,000+ people save money on sales tax registering their vehicle in Montana and/or making their vehicle street legal. We are still a family business to this day and pride ourselves in doing what’s right for our customers. Please don’t hesitate to text or call us with any questions, we’re always here for you (406-540-6222).

Our beautiful city of Helena, Montana.

Why 5 Star Registration

Treating every one of our 17,000 customers like family.

Highest rated Montana registration service

Longest standing family run registered agent

Can work with any vehicle type including financed vehicles.

Best customer service, give us a call or shoot us a text. We're always here for you!

Most cost effective option, often 25% less than our competitors who are corporate owned.

Helping 10,000+ people every year register in Montana

Join 100,000 on Instagram: @MontanaExotic


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