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We only charge you $1 to start. When your vehicle is registered, we charge you the rest. We are so confident in our service that you don't have to pay upfront like others.

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How To Get A Montana RV Registration

5 Star Registration Helps You with the Entire Process to Get your Montana RV Registration Yellow Car 5 Star Registration. We form your Montana LLC, Montana RV Registration, and send your Montana license plates and registration back to you. Our $849 fee includesthe Montana LLC state filing fees and the DMV Montana License Plate and Montana RV Registration fees.
We specialize in providing Montana LLC, Montana license plates and Montana RV Registration. We will keep your info completely off of DMV and state records. We don’t charge any extra for this privacy like other Montana registered agents do. We don’t up-sell you. We just do it the right way, keeping your info private as a default, because we’re Montana LLC, Montana License Plate, and Montana RV Registration specialists.
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Creating A Montana LLC With Our Montana Department of Justice Friends

“The work 5 Star Registration is doing has been great and the Department enjoys working with their team.”

Your total ongoing cost to maintain this vehicle in Montana:

Montana LLC companies are required to maintain a Montana resident agent. We charge $49 a year to act as your Montana registered agent—half of other registered agents. We make sure you have an up to date Montana License Plate, Montana LLC, and Montana RV Registration
The DMV will charge you anywhere from $80-310 depending on what you’re licensing and registering, plus a luxury tax of $800 to $825 if your vehicle’s MSRP exceeds $150,000 or $300,000 for motorhomes. Contact Us in order to get your Montana RV Registration

What Our Customers Say:

Start Registration for $1
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How Can You Get a Montana LLC


You send us details on the RV you are going to purchase to prepare Montana RV Registration


We register your Montana LLC using details you provide (Montana LLC name) to get Montana RV Registration.


We obtain your Montana RV Title. You purchase your vehicle in your Montana LLC.


You receive full Montana RV Registration and Montana License plates in 2-4 weeks.


You save thousands of dollars on your car purchase from having a Montana LLC, Montana RV Registration, and Montana License Plate.

Our Montana RV Registration package includes:

  • Start registration for only $1. We only get paid when we register your vehicle!
  • Efficiency. Order today, and you could have your Montana LLC, Montana License plates and Montana RV registration within 2-4 weeks.
  • Privacy of your information in the way we form your Montana LLC, Montana License Plate and Montana RV Registration
  • To assist with getting Montana RV Registration, we custom-draft Montana LLC articles specifically written for your needs. We have an in-house team that will help you fill out all the information in a timely manner!
  • Custom LLC operating agreement written for Montana LLC holding companies to own RVs. Will other resident agents provide you with an operating agreement for Montana RV Registration that even gives your new Montana LLC the right to own a RV and register it in Montana, or even get a Montana License Plate?
  • Fast and efficient Montana RV registrations. Montana Title work is always processed the same day we receive it from you. We will make sure to get your Montana License Plate in a timely manner.
  • One year of our $49 Montana Registered Agent service. Get your Montana RV Registration and Montana License Plate today!
  • Use our address for your Montana License Plate, Montana Car titles, Montana RV registrations, and Montana RV insurance.
Start Registration for $1
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Montana RV Registration FAQS

We only charge $1 to start the process. When we file your LLC we charge $299 and when we register your vehicle we charge $549. This is the same cost as other services ($849 total) but there is NO RISK because we only get paid when the work is done.

Montana is the only state that imposes no sales tax on the purchase of a RV by its residents including resident LLCs. Since you most likely don’t live in Montana, using a Montana LLC that we setup owned by you, you get to utilize this tax savings. By having a Montana LLC you will be able to get a Montana License Plate and Montana Vehicle Registration

Yes this how you are able to get a Montana License Plate and Montana RV Registration: In the case of Thomas v. Bridges, 2013-C-1855 (Sup.Ct. LA May 7, 2014), The Louisiana Department of Revenue found out about the car purchase and claimed that the buyer personally owed the state over $30,000 in sales taxes, and tacked on an additional $16,000 in fines and penalties. The Louisiana taxpayer fought the tax assessment all the way through the Louisiana Supreme Court, where he was ultimately victorious. The court held that he had formed a valid Montana LLC under Montana law. The fact that it was formed solely to avoid sales tax on a motorhome purchase did not make the LLC invalid under Montana's LLC law, according to the court.

Hundreds of thousands of people get Montana RV Registration in Montana every year and get a Montana License Plate. Montana has had zero sales tax on RVs for decades. This is one of the many reason people get a Montana LLC, Montana License Plate and Montana Vehicle Registration

Hundreds of thousands get a Montana LLC, register their cars and get Montana License Plates and Montana RV Registrations. We are fortunate to have handled thousands of Montana RV registrations for our customers! We have made the process to get a Montana LLC and RV registration very easy.

To do your title registration work, we physically have to have one of our team members at the DMV so you'd have to be here in person and wait times at their office can often be hours to get your Montana License Plate and Montana RV Registration

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