Ferrari vs. Lamborghini: 3 Massive Pros (and Cons) for Each

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When it comes to exotic automakers, both Ferrari and Lamborghini are the stuff of legend — and dreams. These Italian brands know class, speed, and design. But when it comes down to it, Ferrari vs. Lamborghini, which of the two is superior?

The Rundown On Ferraris …

Ferrari is a luxury sports car manufacturer based in Maranello, Italy. They’ve been making cars since 1940 and the rearing horse on a yellow background, the car’s logo, is recognizable all over the world. They’re known for speed, luxury, and as a symbol of wealth. What are some pros of a car like this? And what are the cons?

Pro #1: Ferraris Are Trusted

In a 2019 article by CEO Magazine, ten of the world’s most trusted brands were enumerated. Coming in third, only behind Lego and Rolex, and most definitely the first car brand listed, was Ferrari. This is not only good news for a buyer or owner of the car, but for its seller.

If you have a Ferrari and are thinking of switching to a different or newer car, you have a trusted brand’s vehicle on your hands–buyers will be all too comfortable putting their money on it.

Pro #2: Ferraris Boast Comfortable Interiors

Ferraris aren’t all safety measures and speed-boosters. The high-end sports cars also boast luxurious and comfortable interiors. As an example, let’s study the interior of a Ferrari 488 GTS.

It is not only beautiful, fast (it can reach speeds up to 205 miles per hour), and flashy, but it also provides a spacious, comfortable driving and riding experience.

The Ferrari 488 GTS has a compact, horizontal dashboard comprised of handcrafted materials. A bright yellow (and branded) rev counter sits immediately in front of the driver, flanked on either side by two LCD screens. One is for the trip computer and one is for the speedometer.

The steering wheel is both flat-bottomed and flat-topped, with XR lights built in. Instinctive compartments are placed throughout the inside of the vehicle to max out the amount of storage space possible in that size of car. There’s even a storage area behind the seats, in addition to the built-in compartments and trunk space.

The seats are upholstered with soft, black leather, complete with sleek yellow stitching. Lightweight, carbon seats flash a Ferrari logo on the fixed headrests. Comfortable, ergonomic armrests are built into the car’s doors.

The car also offers dual-zone climate control for max temperature comfort for both driver and passenger. Easy-to-access controls include a push-to-start ignition and switches to change to “ESC off,” “sport mode,” and “wet mode,” amongst others.

Different wiper settings and suspension settings are present, as well. There’s even a button to raise the front of the car when needed — say, when you’re trying to enter a parking lot that has a substantial dip and rise, for example. Overall, it’s a beautiful, comfortable, user-friendly interior to match the sleek design that is the exterior.

Pro #3: Ferraris Use Jet Engine Technology

It’s clear to anyone that the engine is king when it comes to building a fast car. Continuing with our example of the Ferrari 488 GTS, this speed demon has engine technology that draws on the fastest thing we have out there–jets.

The 488 uses a low-density titanium aluminide alloy often found in jets to form its turbine wheels. This material helps to reduce inertia and resist too-high temperatures. This engine also boasts record-breaking power outputs.

Con #1: Ferraris Are Expensive

Unfortunately, all these pros come with a set of cons. Most obviously, there’s the fact that the average Ferrari price is enough money to buy a house (or to buy eleven brand-new Miatas). Ferraris are not a symbol of wealth for nothing. With that said, if you register a Ferarri in a Montana LLC you could save a lot.

Con #2: Many Ferrari Models Have a Tendency to Freeze

In 2012, Ferrari recalled its California and 458 Italia models because of a problem in the building of their crankshafts. The crankshaft-grinding machine was set up incorrectly. The problem can cause engines to freeze suddenly, which may result in a crash. All customers were required to bring in their cars for either repair or replacement.

Con #3: Ferraris Are Expensive Ferraris Get Recalled — Period

Between 2010 and 2021 there have been 24 recalls of various Ferraris. The most common problem is airbags (deploying sideways, not deploying at all, ruptured inflators, and inflator explosions), but other recalls issues include service brakes, visibility, the fuel system, door latches, tires, and seats. Ferraris are far from perfect in their design.

The Rundown On Lamborghinis …

Automobili Lamborghini was started in 1963 with the express purpose of competing with Ferrari. Today, the name is known world-wide just as Ferrari’s is, though maybe its logo is less ubiquitous.

The black-and-gold shield emblazoned with a charging bull is not so much used on the back of the cars, the automakers instead opting for the script Lamborghini to grace this highly-visible space. Lamborghinis generally have flashier, more sharp external designs than Ferraris.

Pro #1: Lamborghinis Sport Meticulous Craftsmanship

In most car factories, assembly is carried out by machines, or even outsourced to cheaper third parties to do the same. For Lamborghini, assembly is a hands-on labor of love.

In the entire Lamborghini factory, there are only two robots–one to drop car bodies into the assembly line and one to turn the car upside down when needed. Two things that are taken care of by machines only because humans are physically incapable.

The rest of the assembly and craftsmanship is done by hand. Seats are sewn by a single person sitting at a sewing machine, someone assembles doors, someone fits master cylinders. The human touch is all too apparent when you see the finished product.

Pro #2: Lamborghini Produces More Than Two-Person Sports Cars

In 2018 Lamborghini expanded its artistry to the SUV with the addition of the Lamborghini Urus. This 5-seater, all-wheel drive SUV boasts an air-suspension system that can raise the vehicle almost 10 inches for off-roading. It also incorporates the world’s largest carbon ceramic disc brakes, 21-inch wheels, all-wheel steering, and torque vectoring.

But Lamborghini doesn’t stop there …

The luxury manufacturer also produces marine engines used for Class 1 powerboats, and, in the 1980’s, a limited addition motorcycle. They also produce a variety of branded merchandise including clothing, scale models, laptops, and accessories.

Pro #3: Lamborghinis Have Exotic, Distinctive Exteriors

Without even seeing the signature script on the back of the car, chances are you can spot a Lamborghini in a lineup of luxury vehicles. Lamborghinis have long sported a distinctive, sharp, aerodynamic exterior that, after all these years, still looks modern and exciting.

Con #1: Lamborghinis Are Difficult to Finance

In the Ferrari vs. Lamborghini debate, it’s hard to overlook the double downside of cost. While Ferrari prices are high, Lamborghini’s are nothing to sneeze at, either. With the cheapest models costing over $200,000 and the higher-power models topping $4.5 million, a Lamborghini is no small purchase.

According to Lamborghini, upfront cash payments are not required, but financing one of these supercars is a Herculean task. First of all, current financing terms are hard to find. This never bodes well. If they have a good deal, companies tend to make it known.

If you talk to a dealer though, you will be able to find out some information. As with other cars, you can get a pre-approved loan from a lender of your choosing and bring it into the dealership to compare with what they can offer.

This is why people register their vehicle in Montana through a LLC. You don’t have to live in Montana to do so!

Dealers will often offer a 6.5% APR, which, for such a huge purchase, is not great. As an example, a 2022 Lamborghini Urus costing $379,951 would cost $3,045 a month for 144 months. That’s twelve years of $3K payments every month. What’s more, you’ll still need to get together nearly $76,000 for the down payment — that’s equivalent to a down payment for a house.

Con #2: Lamborghinis Have Spartan Interiors

Compared to any car, and most relevantly, compared to Ferraris, Lamborghinis have bare and sparse interiors. For an example, let’s look at the interior of a Lamborghini Urus SUV. Extensive, large screens divide the driver from the passenger and limit leg space to the side.

The two-seaters are even more cramped, with little room to put anything you might want to bring along. The seats are firm and even the steering wheel is hard to the touch. Lamborghini seems to be going for “hardcore” over comfort.

Con #3: Lamborghinis Do Not Perform Well In F1 Racing

In contrast to Ferrari, which at some times considered its street cars as mere financing for competitive driving, Lamborghini did not choose to focus any considerable resources on racing.

In 1985 the Countach QVX was developed for participation in the Group C Championship Season, but finished poorly enough that it could not find sponsorship and the program was subsequently cancelled. If you’re looking for a car that’s seen racing among the world’s fastest, most powerful supercars, a Lamborghini is not for you.

There’s a lot to consider in the Lamborghini vs. Ferrari standoff. Looks, power, speed, interior design, professional performance, and safety all factor in. But, for luxury cars often seen as an extension of the driver’s personality, in-person research and test driving are the ultimate deciding factors on which one should be yours.

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