How to Make a Dirt Bike Street Legal – The Easiest Way to Do It in 2023

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How to Make a Dirt Bike Street Legal – The Easiest Way to Do It in 2022

When you ride a dirt bike, you can have a lot of fun on the trail, but you won’t be able to drive it on a street. You need to make your dirt bike street legal to drive it on public roads.

Making a dirt bike street legal is a process that can vary depending on where you live. However, some basic rules are common in most states. In this blog post, we’ll show you the easiest way to make your dirt bike street legal.

For what reason Aren’t Dirt Bikes Allowed on Public Roads?

The main reason why dirt bikes are not road legal is because of their physical nature; they have no suspension, steering, braking, or even a fuel tank. Dirt bikes are not the same as regular motorcycles or scooters that can be driven on the street.

How to Make a Dirt Bike Street Legal

There are three main steps to making your dirt bike street-legal. The first step is to find out which state or federal law your off-roader complies with. The second step is to find out what specific requirements your state or federal government has set. Step three involves learning what measures your state mandates for legal compliance.

You should also know that different states have different laws, and each state may have different requirements. Therefore, you should always check the latest requirements and regulations on your state’s website, or at the DMV office before starting to make your dirt bike legal.

If you are modifying a Scrambler, for instance, you should check the requirements for a Scrambler, and find out what your options are if your Scrambler complies with one of the older regulations. Once you’ve figured out what you’re doing, you can begin the process.

Here’s what you need to do to get your dirt bike street legal.

I) Essentials for a Street-Legal Dirt Bike

You can ride your dirt bike with the same accessories you’ve been using for years. But, street-legal dirt bikes require a different set of accessories. You have to make sure you are using the most appropriate accessories for your dirt bike. Here are some necessary parts a street legal dirt bike should have.

Electric Horn

To be street legal, your dirt bike’s horn must be audible, and you must be able to turn it on and off easily. The horn must be mounted at the handlebars, or it must be integrated into the exhaust system. Some states require a horn that has a silent mode, while other states don’t require it. However, having a horn is always a wise decision.


Headlights are a really important part of the safety of a dirt bike on the road. And so, you must replace them with street legal headlights. You’ll also need to replace the bike’s tail lights.

Rearview Mirrors

The rearview mirrors are also very important for the safety of your dirt bike on the road. Rearview mirrors are a legal requirement in all states. So, you’ll need to get new rearview mirrors for your dirt bike.

License Plate Bracket

A license plate must be visible on bikes used on public highways.

This regulation is uniform across the country, however, some states have more stringent requirements for labeling than others. It is advisable to verify with your local DMV to ensure that your street legal dirt bike’s license plate is appropriately displayed.


When it comes to the gear, you’ll want to get a set of street-legal gear for your dirt bike. This will include a set of street-legal dot approved tires, a set of street-legal tires, and a set of street-legal wheels.


You also need to check the tires of your dirt bike. Tires are an important part of a dirt bike because they are what the bike is actually riding on. So, you’ll want to get a set of street-legal dirt bike tires. Tires are usually a legal requirement, so you might need to re-purchase the tires.

Bikes that are driven on public roads must have DOT certified tires. DOT tires, which have thicker rubber and can travel at higher speeds, are often used on dirt bike rims.

In addition, dirt bikes should have a similar wheel size to the ones used for road bikes.

Turn Signals

Although turn signals are not mandatory in many states, but it’s good to install them. Drivers are considerably more likely to pay attention to flashing yellow lights than to hands, particularly at night.


You’ll also need to check the odometer of your dirt bike. The odometer is the main indicator of how far your dirt bike has traveled and how many miles your bike has on it. For this reason, it’s incredibly important that you check the odometer and make sure that it adds up to the miles that you have on your bike.


Headlights and tail lights are the two types of light that must be mounted on the dirt bike, and the type of light will vary depending on the bike. To ensure that other drivers can see you while driving at night, a tail light is also a must-have accessory.

The brake light must be an integral part of the taillight and meet DOT standards.


Another important part of the dirt bike that needs to be checked is the speedometer. For safety purposes, you’ll want to make sure that the speedometer is accurate. If it’s inaccurate, you’ll need to purchase a new speedometer.


The stator is an electrical switching device that converts the alternating current created by the engine to direct current. The stator is plugged into the battery and will usually have two wires going to it.

The other two wires go to the lights you wish to power. The wires that go to the stator are not the same as the wires that go to the lights. It is important to note that the stator requires a minimum of 12 volts.

The insufficient voltage will cause the lights to not work. It is possible to find a stator that runs off of the voltage of your existing battery, but this will not work if your battery is not 12 volts.

Additionally, you may find that the stator is more difficult to install if you run it off of a different voltage. Some of the lights on a dirt bike require a voltage of around 13.8 volts or more.

II) Registration 

It is important to check your state’s regulations before applying to register your dirt bike. Some states require you to get a special license to register your dirt bike, while other states have no such requirement.

In some states, you can register your dirt bike with the DMV. In other states, you have to go to an insurance broker and get a certificate of insurance.

Now there will be no more back-and-forth calls, long waits at the DMV, or late-night Internet studies of state regulations because you can get help with 5 Star Registration to handle all of the hassles associated with interacting with the DMV.

Get your street legal papers quickly and easily by consulting the experts at 5 Star Registration. We’ve done the legwork to find out what each state’s regulations are for making a dirt bike street legal.

Most individuals find it difficult to get a street legal tag and title in their native state, but we have handled the complicated scenarios successfully.

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After you’ve taken all the necessary steps to make your dirt bike street legal, you can start using the dirt bike on the road. Take every safety measure you can think of before heading out into the street and riding your street bike. Always wear a helmet, and be extra cautious if you’re riding with your friends.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact 5 Star Registration.

How to Make a Dirt Bike Street Legal: Frequently Asked Questions

Is a License Required to Ride a Dirt Bike?

In most states, dirt bike riders are required to be licensed. The licenses are issued by your local DMV, but you can check online to see if you need to be licensed.

Is It Allowed to Ride a Dirt Bike on the Public Street?

Driving a dirt bike on the sidewalk or pavement is not recommended, as it’s not safe or legal. But if you live in a small town and don’t want to take up a lot of space, you can take the bike out on the sidewalk.

However, you can only drive street legal bikes on public roads.

Are Dirt Bikes Street Legal in Florida?

Dirt bikes are not street legal in Florida, but you can get a street legal motorcycle license plate from a state agency. 5 Star Registration experts can help to make street legal dirt bikes.

Are dirt bikes street legal in Michigan?

You must have an off-road title, an operator’s license, and a trail permit to ride a dirt bike in Michigan. You cannot legally ride it on public roads if it does not fulfill the standards for a street legal bike.

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