How to Make a Street Legal Go Kart: The Easiest Way to Registration in 2023

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How to Make a Street Legal Go Kart: The Easiest Way to Registration in 2022

Is making a go kart street legal something you’re interested in? Many people who buy go-karts want to be able to drive them freely and have fun. Therefore, this requires the use of street-legal go-karts. Getting a go-kart road-ready requires a number of modifications. To make your go-kart legal for the road, you must follow the right procedure.

Here we’ll walk you through the steps needed to make your go-kart street legal. Additionally, we will provide some helpful suggestions to streamline the procedure. 

Should You Get Your Go Kart Street Legalized?

Make your go-kart street legal if you want to use it on public streets. There are criteria and laws in place to define the street-legality certification procedure.

The procedures necessary to make a go-kart street legal vary with its categorization. The classification of your go-kart might be LS, ORV, or OHRV.

How to Make a Go Kart Street Legal?

Using a vehicle on public roadways requires certain levels of safety equipment, illumination, and speed limits to be considered “street legal.”

Street-legalizing a go-kart requires making specific alterations, particularly in the safety sector. To put it another way, if a vehicle complies with local laws, it is considered street legal.

To make your go-kart street legal, follow these steps.

I) Prerequisites & Parts Required To Make a Go Kart Street Legal 

You’ll have to make a few adjustments to your go-kart before you can drive it legally on the road. Most go-karts lack the necessary parts to be driven on public roads. You can either get a go-kart with the following components or install them subsequently. 

1. The braking system in a go-kart is equally as important as the braking system in any other vehicle when it comes to the driver’s safety. Both the driver and pedestrians are in risk when a go-kart doesn’t have brakes.


2. The law requires all drivers to wear a seatbelt. This is because using seat belts significantly reduces injuries sustained by passengers in the event of a road accident.


3. A speedometer is a device that measures how fast a vehicle is moving. Every go-kart has to have a speedometer.


4. A windshield is the safety glass that is placed in the front window of the vehicle to protect the driver and passengers from flying debris and other dangers during bad weather.


5. All vehicles come standard with a rearview mirror so that drivers can keep an eye on what’s occurring behind them. Without mirrors, a driver’s field of vision is greatly constrained, increasing the risk of accidents.


6. To protect the kart from scrapes and dents, bumpers are used. You may find them at the front and back of your vehicle, and they are usually constructed of rubber or plastic.


7. Your go-kart must adhere to all applicable traffic regulations. Go-kart insurance is also required to legally drive on public roads. You’ll be able to drive securely even in uncomfortable situations by getting your go kart insured. 


8. A horn is a noisemaker that uses electricity or compressed air to produce a loud sound. Pedestrians may be warned of oncoming vehicles, made aware of its proximity, and encouraged to cross the street by this sound. 


9. You can’t drive on the street in your go kart if the tires aren’t legal. Tires that seem like they were made for racing should be avoided. Equip your go kart with conventional wheel sizes for optimal performance. 


10. To legally operate on public roads, a go kart requires the same kind of lighting as any other motorized vehicle. Inadequate lighting may impair visibility, so make sure the front, back, sides, and plates are well-lighted.

The aforementioned components are readily available at any local go-kart store or may be purchased online. For your go kart to be legal on the road, every part on it must be either an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part or an aftermarket part approved by your state’s department of motor vehicles. The process of installing necessary parts is crucial, so make sure you accomplish it before moving on.

The inspector will tell you to come back at another time if you are missing any equipment that is required by your state’s DMV. If you want to be sure you qualify, you should check the requirements listed on your state’s DMV website.

II) Speed Test

First, make sure your go-kart is roadworthy. Before going for a speed test, you must first guarantee that your go-kart is in excellent condition. A law enforcement officer will check to see whether you have installed all of the required parts or not.

Then the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will assign an examiner to check how fast your go-kart can travel. Verifying that your go-kart’s top speed is not more than 25 mph is all that is required. 

An appointment with the DMV is required for the test. A law enforcement official will inspect your kart to ensure its safety. This is an essential procedure that must not be neglected.

The speed limit is merely in place to keep you safe when driving your kart on public roads. If you pass the speed test, you are ready to go to the next phase!

III) Registration Process

Now that we’ve finished testing and tweaking everything, all that’s left is the paperwork. Here is what you need for registration. 

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Title
  • License Plate
  • Insurance

If you decide to do all this stuff yourself, then you will need to spend a lot of time researching the regulations for go karts in your state, which are subject to sudden and unexpected changes. If your documentation isn’t right the first time, you’ll have to pay a fee and spend time and energy fixing it. Even after all of this, there is still a possibility that something may go wrong.

Seems Hard? But no more!

As we promised that we will tell you the easiest way to make a street legal go kart, we kept our promise and found the easiest way you can use to make your go-kart street legal in weeks.

5 Star Registration specializes in making any off-road vehicles street legal. We understand the value of your time and money. We will handle the difficult parts, such as obtaining the title, license plate, and registration for your go-kart. We will also show you how to simply obtain your VIN.

We give you all of the documents required to register your go-kart. It doesn’t matter whatever state you reside in. Because of our nice cooperation with local DMVs, we can assure you that getting your go-kart on the road will be very easy.

Call or email us now to learn how 5 Star Registration can help you make your go kart street legal.


We’re hoping you’ve learned enough to make a go kart street legal. Enjoy the freedom and excitement of cruising about town in a go-kart that is authorized to be driven on public streets.

You can start the planning of making your go-kart street legal today. If you follow the procedures in the article, you should be able to have your go cart registered and driven legally on the street. 

After all your hard work, you will be able to ride your go kart along the street with a big grin on your face. Be a responsible driver and always obey traffic laws. 

Feel free to contact 5 Star Registration for consultation or any help!

Go Kart Street Legal: Frequently Asked Question

Can I drive my go-kart around my neighborhood?

No. You can’t take your go-kart for a ride on the sidewalk, in the park, or anywhere else that’s open to the public. You can only do this if you make your go-kart street legal.

Are Go-Karts Street Legal in NY?

Driving on public highways is permitted under New York’s Low-Speed Vehicle (LSV) legislation, although a certain state or local authorities may restrict it for safety concerns. 

Please keep in mind that your go-kart must qualify as an LSV, which is not simple. In the state of New York, go-karts designed for off-road use fall under the category of “All-Terrain Vehicles” (ATVs).

Is a Go-Kart an ATV?

There are some fairly major distinctions between Go-Karts and ATVs, so the simple answer is no.

Off-road go-karts, sand rails, and other variants of the Go-Kart may easily be confused for all-terrain vehicles, but the Go-Kart is its distinct class of racing vehicle.

Are Go-Karts illegal in California?

Go-karts, which are considered off-highway recreational vehicles under California law, are prohibited from being driven on any roadway, sidewalk, or parking lot that is intended for use by the general public’s motor vehicles.

However, if you want to drive your go-kart on public streets of California you need to make your go-kart legal. 5 Star Registration can help you in this regard.

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