How To Register a RV in Montana?

How to get Montana RV Registration?

RVs, and motor home vehicles as you know, are much more expensive than most cars. It’s not uncommon for a motorhome to fetch upwards of $200,000. Registering your RV in Montana can save you thousands, just like registering your car in Montana. Don’t forget and when you purchase your motorhome or RV that there is a required sales tax to be paid in most states.

How To Register Car in Montana?

In order to register your car or RV in Montana, you must follow the state laws in place. According to Montana state law, only residents or temporary, working residents can register their vehicles in the state. Don’t worry though, you don’t need to up and move to make a Montana car registration or Montana RV registration work.

You can set up an LLC in Montana and buy the car through the Montana LLC. This will make it a company car. There are companies which can help you set up an LLC in Montana and register your car there with little to no hassle.

What Is A Montana LLC?

The formation of a Montana LLC is central to registering your car in the state. It is not permitted for a non-resident to register his or her car in Montana.

In order to avoid literally moving to Montana in order to register your car there, you can register an LLC in the state. This way, the Montana LLC can make the purchase, skip the sales tax, and get the car registered. Create your LLC in a county that doesn’t add a local sales tax in order to save the most money.

One can’t create an LLC from his or her laptop. You will need a lawyer to help set it up with you. Luckily, there are third party companies which can connect you to a lawyer, get your LLC set up, and get your car registered, all for one small fee. This fee is an investment that will save you thousands of dollars in the end.

Montana RV Registration, Montana LLC Motor Home Registration
Montana RV Registration, Montana LLC Motor Home Registration

Is Getting a Montana RV registered in Montana Illegal?

There is nothing illegal about opening what’s called a “shell company” in Montana, purchasing a car through that company, and driving it in another state. A shell company is, according to Investopedia, “a corporation without active business operations or significant assets.”

If you plan on doing something like this, it’s wise to consult with an attorney. After discussing the legal issues with them, a Montana business establishment — which is solely purchased and owned by the customer — is set up. Then, the vehicle is assigned to the business, where the vehicle receives a Montana license plate with the business as the new registered owner.

Fortunately, this isn’t an overly difficult procedure, and most people handle it over the phone or by mail. However, while this is technically legal, many insurance companies are against it. A traditional auto insurance company could very well refuse to pay a claim if they can prove that the car is being used in a different location than what is listed on the auto insurance policy.

That’s why it’s smart to avoid “fast-acting web agent” claims and now with a professional attorney who will take you through your residing state’s current rules and regulations, as well as Montana’s, to make sure everything is done legally.

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