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5 Star Financing is the must used loan provider for exotic and collector cars. See why thousands trust us to finance their vehicles with the lowest rates!

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Unlike traditional auto lenders, we are able to provide you with private lender rates and extend the term of the loan to make your monthly payment as low as possible.

Financing Featuring the Lowest Payments in America

From fast Ferraris to classic Corvettes, choose the lender made for people who love cars.

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Keep your cash and use our unmatched low payments to finance your vehicle.
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Whether it is a classic Corvette, new 911, or even a RV, we're happy to finance your purchase to provide you with the best rate.
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5 Star is loved by thousands of car owners and works with hundreds of buyers every month.
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Our team takes pride in having the fastest response times and most unique industry insights.

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  • Fastest time to approval
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  • Used by thousands of exotic car owners
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1. We have the best interest rates for vehicles on the market.

2. We have longer loan terms than traditional vehicle lenders.

Montana is the only state that imposes no sales tax on the purchase of a vehicle by its residents including resident LLCs. Since you most likely don’t live in Montana, using a LLC that we setup owned by you, you get to utilize this tax savings.

Yes! In the case of Thomas v. Bridges, 2013-C-1855 (Sup.Ct. LA May 7, 2014), The Louisiana Department of Revenue found out about the car purchase and claimed that the buyer personally owed the state over $30,000 in sales taxes, and tacked on an additional $16,000 in fines and penalties. The Louisiana taxpayer fought the tax assessment all the way through the Louisiana Supreme Court, where he was ultimately victorious. The court held that he had formed a valid LLC under Montana law. The fact that it was formed solely to avoid sales tax on a motorhome purchase did not make the LLC invalid under Montana's LLC law, according to the court.

Hundreds of thousands of people register their car in Montana every year. Montana has had zero sales tax on vehicles for decades.

Hundreds of thousands. We are fortunate to have handled thousands of registrations for our customers!

To do your title registration work, we physically have to have one of our team members at the DMV so you'd have to be here in person and wait times at their office can often be hours.

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