Best Montana LLC Services Providers in 2024

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Suppose you’re prepared to form a Limited Liability Company LLC in Montana. In that case, you have the convenient choice of utilizing an online service to assist in submitting the necessary business paperwork to the state. The selection of the most suitable LLC formation services is contingent upon the specific business requirements. Ask these questions first: do you also require the services of an LLC registered agent, or are you solely interested in having the paperwork submitted to Montana State?

So whether you’re in search of cost-effective options, a reliable LLC service provider that can also function as the state registered agent or one that can handle the filing paperwork on the owners’ behalf plays a significant role, so here we have come up with a comprehensive comparison and assembled the most promising list of the best Montana LLC services providers in 2024.

Here’s How to Select the Right Montana LLC Services Providers

When embarking on the task of comparing LLC service providers, the initial focus should be on processing speed. It refers to the time it will take to establish the LLC once a person submits the paperwork. However, reputable LLC service providers offer expedited filing options, enabling people to kick-start their business more rapidly. For instance, some providers offer premium packages that promise to complete the LLC filing in as short as one day.

It’s also essential to factor in the business budget and the amount of time and effort prepared to invest in the process. Ultimately, the main goal should be to locate an LLC service provider that charges a fair fee in exchange for the time and hassle. In the below-mentioned section, we outline the best Montana LLC service providers in 2024.

Best Montana LLC Services Providers in 2024

Here are the best Montana LLC service providers in 2024. The following choices are designed to guide people in making an informed decision.

5 Star Registration

If you are looking for the most reliable, fast, and affordable Montana LLC services provider with extensive experience in this field, choosing 5 Star Registration is the best option. Experts at 5 Star Registration have good experience in forming LLCs specifically in the state of Montana. They also help in purchasing and registering cars and other expensive items with zero sales tax under a Montana LLC. Moreover, 5 Star Registration provides a fantastic selection of complimentary business formation services and additional perks compared to their competitors, making them a valuable source of helpful advice.

Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent (NRA) is also providing LLC formation services in Montana. The formation package offered by Northwest Registered Agent encompasses a comprehensive array of services necessary to establish the LLC. This choice is primarily driven by the outstanding value it offers, along with its exceptional customer support services. 

It provides expert assistance with the provision of a business address and filing of the articles of organization with the Montana Secretary of State’s office. Also, the complimentary annual report filing notifications, access to an online document storage portal, a full year of registered agent service, and a 3-month trial of voice over internet protocol (VoIP) service.


MyCompanyWorks—the startup wizard, offers an extensive range of LLC services, making it an excellent choice for businesses seeking post-filing assistance, positioning them as one of the top LLC service providers. It provides valuable insights through informative articles and explanations throughout its website. MyCompanyWorks Basic LLC’s formation package offers a generous array of complementary documents and services, which other providers typically charge for.

It stands out with its notably swift processing times, an essential benefit for small business owners when compared to the turnaround times of other LLC formation service providers. 


ZenBusiness is another reliable Montana LLC services provider. Its LLC formation services come with a 60-day money-back assurance. Unlike some competitors who impose high service fees or have limited refund windows, its 100% satisfaction guarantee offers substantial peace of mind to its customers. It has a vast collection of around 13,347 ZenBusiness reviews accessible online and boasting consistently high average ratings.

ZenBusiness has introduced a formation process that utilizes an automated chatbot feature, allowing people to engage in a simulated conversation with a virtual assistant. This conversation is designed to collect all the necessary information required for the preparation of the Articles of Organization. ZB observed that this approach tended to be slower and more time-intensive compared to the conventional method of simply filling out a form. 

Harbor Compliance

Harbor Compliance—offers compliance solutions to reduce risk, which secures another spot as the top LLC service in Montana. It takes the crown as the premium LLC service provider on this list for a similar reason: its exceptional customer support. Its LLC formation package includes vital services, such as guidance in filing the formation documents, access to an operating agreement template, and a complimentary one-year registered agent service. HC compliance services are especially well-suited for companies intending to hire employees, engage in the sale of physical goods, or establish offices in other states.

Harbor Compliance leverages the knowledge and experience of the filing specialists via the Compliance Gaps service. Once the LLC is established, Compliance Gaps will recommend the necessary regulatory filings typically mandated for businesses operating in the states where a person wants to conduct business. Its all-encompassing support extends to assisting people with any supplementary registrations or licenses that might be required. 


IncFile is also the best LLC formation service provider and offers a complimentary one-year registered agent service. It provides email alerts, free fundamental business formation, and confidential electronic storage of registration documents. IncFile presents a variety of packages specifically designed for businesses in Montana that stand out as a good LLC formation service in the market. 

The IncFile website is skillfully designed and user-friendly. The process of forming an LLC is straightforward and efficient while retaining a wealth of valuable features. Its comprehensive option allows people to access professional assistance for filing documents without the need for a significant upfront financial commitment.

Swyft Filings

Swyft Filings—focused on establishing the goal of simplifying and enhancing the process of registering business entities, all while minimizing the costs associated with forming an LLC. It offers cost-effective packages to provide excellent value to swift processing times that allow customer support to meet individual requirements.

Swyft Filings excels in speedy processing that presents a compelling overall value proposition and delivers robust customer support. It provides an efficient and straightforward purchase procedure with a favorable rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Bottom Line – Best Montana LLC Services Providers | 2024

If someone wants to launch an LLC business in Montana with a combination of exceptional assistance, proven proficiency, and cost-effectiveness, then opt for an LLC service that checks all the measures mentioned above. 

We strongly recommend verifying that an LLC service provider offers more than just a basic filing service. Because the people might not require a comprehensive suite of services, the availability of such services is an indicator that the provider comprehends the diverse needs of an LLC business owner.

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