Can You Make A CAN AM Maverick Street Legal: A Step-By-Step Guide

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can you make a can am maverick street legal

The Can-Am Maverick is a popular off-road vehicle because of its powerful engine and high durability. They are fantastic for traversing tough terrain but are not meant for usage on public roads. 

Do you want to make your CAN-AM Maverick street legal? If you want to drive your dreamy high-performance side-by-side CAN-AM Maverick on the public road,  you need to make sure that your CAN-AM Maverick meets the safety standards, specified by the DMV of your State. Can-Am Mavericks can be made street-legal if you follow the right procedure.  In this article, we will guide you step-by-step on how can you make a CAN AM Maverick street legal.

We’ll lay out the specifics of what has to be done to a Can-Am Maverick to make it legal for public roads. We will discuss the requirements and adjustments you will have to do to abide by state and local laws. 

Street Legal Kits for CAN-AM UTVs To Make them Legal

Transportation laws vary from one state to another state because every State has its rules and regulations. That’s why a street legal kit for your CAN-AM UTV depends on your state’s laws. For example, in the state of Arizona, CAN AM UTVs must have a horn audible by everyone on the road from a certain distance, road-registered license plates, and a rearview mirror. You also have to display a regular tag as well as an OHV tag.

In some states, there is a restriction on noisy and louder sound vehicles driving on public roads.

Also in some states, emission law prevails and according to it, specific types of mufflers and exhaust systems must be added to UTV to make it street-legal.

Steps to Make A CAN-AM Maverick Street Legal

1)      Check the Local Laws of your Area About the Street Legality of CAN AM Maverick:

Before adding any additional accessory to your CAN-AM Maverick to make it street-legal, make sure to check out the rules and regulations of your area, specified by the DMV or law enforcement. 

There is a wide range of state laws regarding UTV such as CAN-AM Maverick Sport driving on public roads. You should have to know about rules and regulations of transportation prevail in your areas.

In some states, making street legal UTVs is relatively easy, such as the State of Montana, south dakota and Arizona.

It is the best option to call or visit your local DMV to know the rules and laws. You can get all your answers from the DMV staff about specific areas and circumstances.

3)      Registration:

Some states restrict CAN-AM Maverick from driving on public roads. Before enjoying a ride on your favorite CAN-AM, your vehicle should have gotten registered and licensed plated. Visit your transportation department to get your UTV registered. DOT will analyze your application and after proceeding with your request to register your vehicle, they will certify your vehicle as street-legal. And give you a registration certificate and a new license plate.

5)      Install compulsory components:

For making your dream vehicle street-legal there is a compulsory part required by the DMV which enhances the safety protection of you and your vehicle. And prevent you from an accident and damage.

Some of them are below;

  •         Headlights (High and low beam), Taillight, and Brake lights.
  •         Rear Reflector
  •         Turn signals
  •         Mirrors
  •         Horn kits
  •         Mudflaps
  •         Speedometer
  •         Windshield
  •         Lighted license plate
  •         DOT-approved tires

Nowadays making UTV Street legal is easy because some of the above components are already manufacturer installed. Having these components installed is crucial to driving legally and safely on public roadways. 

6)      Complete The Safety Inspection:

You should have to inspect your CAN-AM Maverick by a law enforcement officer. When your CAN AM Maverick goes in for inspection, the inspector may look at some of these items.

Engine and Fuel:

  • Oil level
  • Filter service and air filter clean
  • The drive belt must be tight and in good working condition.
  • Radiator, horses, and coolant level.
  • Spark Arrestor
  • Throttle and choke operational
  • Fuel line hoses and connections


  • Brake levers must be operational
  • Brake fluid should be at an adequate level
  • Brake pads, hoses, and connections.


  • Lubrication
  • Front and rear gear case level
  • Steering should be in acceptable condition
  • Boot joints, axles, and suspension
  • Properly inflated tire.
  • Tight wheel lugs.
  • All lights and reflectors are in good working condition.
  • Acceptable winch and cable.
  • License plate.
  • Registration and decals.

All the above things should consider while inspecting your UTV with a law enforcement officer. If all these are in good working condition. DMV easily passes your vehicle. 

Three Steps to Safe Street Legal UTV (Side by Sides) Riding:

  • At the very first step, you should have to get a title, license plate, and insurance coverage.
  • You should have to understand the rules and regulations and laws which are enforced by law enforcement.
  • Installing any additional components to your UTV, make your UTV as safe as other cars on the roads.

Here’s How 5 Star Registration Can Help You to Make CAN AM Maverick Street Legal

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Can You Make A CAN AM Maverick Street Legal: Conclusion

It is much more appealing to enjoy a ride on CAN-AM Maverick on public highways. But because of the jurisdiction restriction in many states, you can’t drive it on public roads. But if you want to make your CAN-AM Maverick street legal the above-mentioned steps should have to be followed.

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