How to Make a Dirt Bike Street Legal in Texas: Your Ultimate Guide

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How to Make a Dirt Bike Street Legal in Texas


Do you want to know how to make a dirt bike street legal in Texas but need help knowing where to start? 

Making a dirt bike street legal in Texas can be a challenge. Well, no worries now; we have this ultimate guide for you. To ride your dirt bike legally in Texas, there are a few things you need to do. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of making your dirt bike legal in Texas. 

Requirements To Make a Dirt Bike Street Legal in Texas

How to Make a Dirt Bike Street Legal in Texas

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The components’ requirements may vary from one state to another and majorly depends on its approaches to confine what constitutes a dirt bike street legality.

However, in Texas, some mechanical and non-mechanical features needed to make a dirt bike street-legal include a headlight and horns, brake or tail light, and mirrors and tires. Also, some additional components like turn signals, and a speed odometer. Moreover, the non-mechanical features include acquiring an OHV Decal, obtaining registration, and getting a dirt bike inspection. Now let’s discuss all of them in detail:

Required Equipment for a Street Legal Dirt Bike

The following parts must be installed on your dirt bike to make it street-legal in Texas. However, you should also know the dirt bike laws to ensure you have everything to make your dirt bike street legal.

The Headlight And Horns

You must have a DOT-approved headlight to make a dirt bike street legal in Texas, as a DOT-approved headlight is an excellent addition to any dirt bike street legality. It would need to be powerful enough to illuminate the road ahead and must be at least 150 candlepower. And it would also need to be hooked to the dirt bike permanently. Moreover, a horn is an uncomplicated but essential mechanical component. Most sorts of horns in dirt bikes entice less than 10 amplifiers in power. 

The Brake Or Tail Light

The tail light of a street-legal dirt bike in Texas must be DOT approved and visible from most nominal 500 feet to the backside. At the same time, the brake light must be visible from at least 300 feet to the back of the dirt bike. However, the brake light has to be LED, and the tail light has to be incandescent according to the street legality.

Mirrors And DOT Approved Tires

The tires of street legal vehicles/dirt bikes must be inspected, DOT-approved, and inflated adequately for street riding in Texas. Mirrors are also necessary for a street-legal dirt bike. However, the mirrors must have been checked for cracks and damage. Also, adjust and take functioning mirrors to keep the rider’s vision distinct. 

Additional Features of Street Legal Dirt Bike in Texas

Here are some additional components of a street-legal dirt bike.

The Turn Signals

The turn signals are essential components to make a dirt bike legal to ride on public roads, but they will vary depending on the specific dirt bike models. It is generally instructed that the turn signal be placed on the dirt bike’s front and rear or the left-hand side grip or near the handlebars or the tail light. 

The Speed Odometer

An odometer is one amenity on a dirt bike that is very easy to install, it may be essential when riding dirt bikes on the street in Texas. It displays the engine temperature, mileage, RPM, and speed. The capacity of the odometer depends on the rider’s preference, but the perfect one is to keep the odometer between 10 to 20 percent of the total mileage of the dirt bike. 

Non-Mechanical Requirements For Street Legal Dirt Bikes in Texas

Here are some non-mechanical requirements to make a dirt bike street legal in Texas.

Get An Off-highway vehicle [OHV] Decal

In Texas, the law mandates obtaining OHV decals for all street legal motorcycles. So, it’s required to get the OHV decal to legally ride dirt bikes on public roads. You can get your OHV decal from the parks and wildlife department online or via the customer service center for 16$ only. However, you may also be able to find a decal from a local motorcycle shop or online retailer that specializes in dirt bikes. 

Inspection And Registration

Once you get an OHV, you must register your dirt bike with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TXDMV). For this registration, you will need to provide proof of ownership and proof of insurance.

The dirt bike riders must pass a safety inspection to legalize dirt bikes in Texas. This inspection is performed at a local TXDMV office, a licensed inspection station, or a local driver’s license office. A license plate will be provided to you when your dirt bike has been registered and inspected. However, the license plate has to be displayed on the dirt bike’s rear.

Here’s How 5 Star Registration Can Help You to Make Dirt Bike Street Legal in Texas

How to Make a Dirt Bike Street Legal in Texas:5 Star Registration

The process of making a dirt bike street legal in texas can be complicated and time-consuming, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Moreover, in case of any mistake, your time and money can be wasted. 

Therefore, it’s recommended to get experts’ help who know the laws and have the experience to make a dirt bike street legal. You can save both your time and money by getting help from experts at 5 Star Registration. They will do everything for you to make your dirt bike street legal in Texas. 

The best thing is you don’t even need an inspection of your dirt bike and also no need to go to DMV for registration. So, why are you waiting for?

Click here to contact experts at 5 Star Registration and start the process of making your dirt bike street legal today.

Final Thoughts

Dirt bikes are designed for off-road riding, but they can also be seen on the roads. That means they aren’t prohibited, and you can ride your dirt bike on Texas streets with some essential equipment and modifications. You can legally ride your dirt bike if it is registered with the state of Texas, and has the proper safety equipment. 5 Star Registration can help you get the proper license, and make sure that your dirt bike is ready to go on public roads. 

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