Can You Make A Polaris Ranger Street Legal: Your Ultimate Guide

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can you make a polaris ranger street legal

Polaris Ranger is a UTV (Utility terrain vehicle), strong and capable to run on unpaved lanes or track and off-road terrain. This off road vehicle is large, powerful, and also has more capacity to seat passengers as compared to ATVs.

Polaris Ranger is a workhorse UTV, used for hauling and towing from locations where practically trucks can’t tow and haul. This is popular among hunters, farmers, and ranchers. Riding Polaris Ranger is super fun whether you are doing farming, racing, camping, and over-landing.

Polaris Ranger has one limitation as it is commonly not street legal. This is not difficult for farmers and hunters. But for city residents, it is difficult to drive Polaris Ranger on public roads. 

Can you make a Polaris Ranger street legal? Are you searching for how to make Polaris Ranger Street legal?  So you are at the right place. Here are some guidelines to make Polaris Ranger Street legal.   

How to Make Polaris Ranger Street Legal?

If you want to drive your Polaris Ranger on a public road you should have to do some modifications to make it street-legal.

Don’t worry I Know that it sounds complicated but if you follow the guidelines as discussed below you will never go wrong and make your Polaris Ranger street legal with just a few modifications.

All you have one question in mind why UTVs such as Polaris Ranger are not street-legal? 

The simple answer is that UTVs do not meet a state’s safety standard. And they also have a higher risk of accidents on public roads. That’s why driving UTV on a public road is not legal in most states.

However, law enforcement officers are permitted to operate off-road vehicles like UTVs and ATVs on public roadways, when doing so is necessary to perform their duties. In the states like Arizona, you may need to get off highway vehicle decal to ride your Polaris on roads. For legalizing the Polaris Ranger, there are various modifications that you will have to do to your Polaris Ranger.

Components Required For Making Polaris Ranger Street Legal

Polaris Ranger lacks some street legal accessories/features, which you should add to make it street-legal. Below we mention some parts required to make Polaris Ranger street legal. 

Polaris Ranger Windshield:

According to Law, laminated glass windshield is compulsory for motor vehicles to drive on public roads in most states. Adding this feature to your street legal UTV, not only makes it legal but also provides you protection.

This protects you from dirt and any element; which is harmful to you. There are many other options available in the market for glass windshields, but before choosing make sure that this is approved by the transportation department (DOT).

Turn Signals: 

Polaris UTV lacks a turn signal feature, which requires making it legal. Installing turn signals is not as challenging as it sounds. 

Polaris ranger turns signal kit available easily anywhere. These kits are simple and easy to install. The wiring harness will probably follow the same route as the current harness throughout the vehicle. Most UTVs like Polaris Ranger have one major source of power, such as a 12-V accessory adaptor.

The price of the Turn Signal kit for the Polaris Ranger varies depending on the features and quality. The kit with more price has some extra features. Some Turn signal kit also includes a horn and horn button, a turn signal relay and switch, and a light for a license plate. Some state laws required a license plate, while others are not.  

Polaris Ranger Horns:

Horn is an essential part of any vehicle, to drive on a public road to make it safe and secure. Horns make sure to save you from a sudden accident. 

Most states required some specific sort of horns. For example in the state of Florida, the transportation department (DOT) requires that every vehicle running on a public road should have a horn, which sounds can be heard from a distance of 200 feet.

These horns are easily available at any vehicle parts store. And this will also be available along with a turn signal kit as well. This modification is very simple and easy to do for making dream off highway vehicles street-legal.


Now I know that you have a question in mind all the vehicles have their factory headlights. So why Polaris Ranger Side by Side required headlights to make it legal on highways? 

So the answer is; Factory-made headlights for Polaris are not enough brighter than the transportation law required in the states. Installing brighter headlights like HD lights is a good idea to make your ranger UTV Street legal. 

This might decrease the risk of an accident because bright headlights help you to see farther down a dark street. So you can easily identify the obstacle. With headlights/brake lights, you get noticed and decrease the risk of accidents. 

Front and Rear License Plate and Lights: 

Once you get your license plate, should adequately display on your vehicle. License plate size should meet the standard specification mentioned by any state of Law. And also it should be fixed. 

Polaris Ranger Mirrors: 

Mirrors are also essential to make Polaris Ranger street legal. Most state and local laws required two or even three mirrors (1 inside the cockpit) to use. 

There are many mirrors available in stores that suites onto the frame of the Polaris Ranger giving the driver a side view. Installing a rear-view mirror inside the cabin of Polaris UTV is a smart idea to meet safety standards. 


Polaris UTV has a standard one-lap belt for drivers and passengers. But the openness of these vehicles required a safety harness is a better choice. Most street legal UTVs are light compared to other vehicles on the road, so to prevent an accident a five-point harness is a great choice.


After installing the necessary parts, you need to register your Polaris Ranger as street legal vehicle. In most state Transportation department is not allowed to register UTVs such as Polaris Ranger to drive on a public road because It lacks certain safety features. 

However, if you want to get registered and get all paperwork done for legalizing it make sure that your vehicle meets all the safety standards. You can save thousands by registering your Polaris Ranger in the states like Montana and South Dakota. After registering Polaris Ranger and getting a license plate and valid driver’s license, you can legally ride it on public roads. 

Here’s How 5 Star Registration Can Help You to Make Polaris Ranger Street Legal

5 Star Registration

You may need to spend a lot of time researching the street legal laws and regulations associated with Polaris Ranger in your state if you want to do everything on your own. When documentation is filed incorrectly, fixing it costs money and takes time. It’s still possible for anything to go wrong, despite all the best efforts. 

Hiring a professional can help you save both time and money. Off-road ATV UTV vehicles, such as Polaris Ranger, can be made street-legal by the experts at 5 Star Registration. They will handle the documentation required to have your Polaris Ranger titled and registered.

You don’t need to waste your time and money dealing with your local DMV. 5 Star Registration will do everything for you and make sure that you have a smooth experience getting your Polaris Ranger on the road.

Contact experts at 5 Star Registration by phone or email and start the process of making your Polaris Ranger street legal. 


Most states not allowed UTVs such as Polaris Rangers to drive on highways. But by modifying your vehicle as I mentioned above along with a valid driving license and insurance, you can make it street-legal and enjoy the ride on it.

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