Does Montana Have Sales Tax on Cars? Everything You Need to Know

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Have you ever considered the reasons behind the significant number of individuals opting to register their cars in Montana? In brief, the primary explanation lies in Montana’s exemption from imposing sales tax on cars. Montana distinguishes itself as one of the outstanding states where car purchases are exempt from sales tax. However, it’s important to note that particular counties within the state do impose their self-own sales tax on car dealings.

Nevertheless, there needs to be more clarity among the people concerning the processes and legality tied to car registration in the state of Montana. Thus, this article will help to dispel prevalent misunderstandings while offering insights into the sales tax policies related to cars in Montana. In addition to delving into sales tax, we will also explore the additional Montana registration cost that often needs to be mentioned when purchasing vehicles within the state.

Does Montana Have Sales Tax on Cars? Car Sales Tax Rate in Montana

Calculating sales tax on a new car in Montana is a straightforward process. It all goes to the prevalent 0% tax rate in most of the state’s zip codes. While Montana law explicitly states that there is no statewide sales tax applicable to vehicle acquisitions. A problem of counties are exceptions, as they enforce a localized state tax. This results in an average combined sales tax rate for Montana of a mere 0.002%

While the state as a whole holds a 0% statewide tax rate, it’s noteworthy that Richland, Powder River, and Sheridan counties stand out with the most elevated county-level sales taxes in Montana. Despite residing in a state that is empty of a comprehensive sales tax, residents in these counties are subject to a 5% tax rate.

What are the Major Steps to Determine Sales Tax?

Computing the sales tax on the car is a simple process. The essential factor is the primary residence, which people can use for vehicle registration purposes. Consequently, they’ll only need to factor in the county sales tax associated with the primary address, and it’s important to avoid using the state sales tax rate. With that said, here are some simple yet impressive steps to help people determine the sales tax on vehicles applicable to their specific location:

  • Cars or any other vehicle owners can visit the website associated with the dealership’s location, which is typically the county or local government website.
  • People can explore the tax laws relevant to their area on the website and then add it to the purchase price of the vehicle. 
  • If there is a local tax rate in place, they’ll find the necessary information in the State Department of Motor Vehicle. While in many cases, this step may not be necessary, as the majority of Montana counties still need to impose a local tax.
  • Once individuals have the local tax rate, they can effectively calculate the sales tax by devoting it to the purchase price of the car.

How to Purchase and Register a Car in Montana While Avoiding Sales Tax?

In Montana, people have the opportunity to register a car without incurring sales tax because the state does not charge a statewide sales tax on car buys. This phenomenon can result in significant savings, as owners won’t be burdened with car sales tax expenses, and the registration fees are typically low. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that each state possesses its unique tax and car registration regulations. 

To facilitate the process, people need to establish a Limited Liability Company in Montana for the purpose of purchasing and registering a car. Engaging the services of a Montana registered agent is recommended to assist them in forming the LLC in Montana and completing the vehicle registration process. On the other hand, to ensure compliance and bypass any legal complications, seeking advice from a tax professional regarding the state’s tax laws is a careful course of action.

Calculating Montana Title, Tax, and Registration Costs

Even though Montana doesn’t impose a formal statewide sales tax, there are still a few supplementary fees to take into account and fulfill, which include car titling cost, registration fee, license plate transfer fee, and the dealership documentation fee. While the typical expenses associated with the titling fee in Montana is approximately $10.30, the license plate transfer fee is around 10$, and the documentation or dealership fee is a maximum of 275$.

Moreover, it’s essential to note that Montana doesn’t have a conventional sales tax; there is a gross receipts tax for some vehicles and services, and there may be regional option taxes in specific areas. However, the car registration rates in Montana are based on age; for example, for a new car (aged 4 or more years), the annual fee of $217 applies. For a used car (between 5 to 10 years old), the annual fee amounts to 87$; for a used car (aged more than 11 years), the owners have two options—either pay a modest annual fee of 28$ or opt for a one-time registration fee of 87.50$.

What’s the Expected Timeline for Car Registration in Montana?

The registration timeline in Montana can fluctuate, ranging from approximately 1 month to 2 months, contingent on the state’s current workload and processing times. However, once the Montana LLC is formed, people can promptly acquire the Montana car and send the necessary title documents to the Montana DMV. Alternatively, they can expedite the issuance of Montana plates, significantly reducing the waiting time.

What are the Pros of Utilizing a Montana LLC for a Car?

Beyond the advantages of tax-free Montana registration of a vehicle in terms of sales and property tax, there’s another perk to having Montana residency through the Limited Liability Company, which is the option for permanent license plates. Once the car reaches the age of 11 years—or as soon as it attains this milestone—owners become eligible for obtaining permanent plates. It entails a one-time fee of 130$, and from that point forward, owners no longer need to concern themselves with annual registration renewals.

Another compelling possibility for purchasing the car under Montana LLC is asset protection. In this arrangement, the Limited Liability Company assumes ownership, and its address becomes the official record. Consequently, the owner’s name and address remain discreet, while the absence from the Montana Secretary of State and DMV records offers an added layer of privacy and security.

Here’s How 5 Star Registration Can Help You to Get Montana License Plate for Your Vehicle

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Does Montana Have Sales Tax on Cars: Conclusion

Opting to buy a car in Montana proves to be a savvy financial decision for individuals seeking to circumvent the burden of sales tax on their car purchases. Montana’s distinctive advantage of not imposing a sales tax on vehicle acquisitions makes it a desirable choice for car buyers aiming to cut costs.

Moreover, Montana stands out with its relatively low registration and licensing fees, which significantly undercut the expenses incurred in other states with car registration costs and local sales tax rates. The absence of mandatory physical car inspection requirements in Montana further streamlines the process of buying a vehicle within the state, enhancing its appeal to prospective buyers.

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