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Today, the state of Montana boasts a well-known reputation for its business-friendly environment. A significant number of out-of-state residents opt to register their vehicles right here in the expansive state of Montana. This preference arises from the fact that Montana does not impose any vehicle sales tax. Meanwhile, many well-known companies in Montana offer outstanding car registration services, which means people steer clear of sales taxes associated with titled vehicles.

Montana vehicles are not subject to personal property taxation; it’s all because of the state’s revenue generation through nominal licensing fees. Hence, many agents stand as the steadfast Montana registered agent. Their performance lies in providing out-of-the-box customer support and swiftness. With that said, let’s check out some of the best Registered Agent Montana below:

Why Should You Select the Best Registered Agent Montana?

Securing vehicle registration in Montana proves to be no more challenging than in any other state. All departments of motor vehicles adhere to a common ground when it comes to their service standards. This fact distinguishes Montana from the rest. However, its strict residency requirement plays a part. To complete vehicle registration in Montana, people must fulfill some ownership of proof of residency in the state.

It may encompass a secondary home address, documentation of the primary place of residence, or a corporation bearing the name established within the borders of Montana. Hence, especially for out of state residents, this process must be executed with the help of the most suitable registered agent Montana. So, to comprehend the best of all for you, here we’ve come up with some of the best-registered agents in Montana.

5 Best Registered Agents in Montana—2024

Whether you’re in search of the most competitive rates, the best registered agent Montana, or one that handles the paperwork, submission plays a vital part. So here, we meticulously assessed and compiled the finest registered agent available in Montana.

5 Star Registration

5 Star Registration is the best and most affordable Registered Agent Montana that effectively completes the vehicle registration process and can handle the creation of the Montana LLC. You can avail 5 Star Registration services from the comfort of your home. It promptly dispatched the plates and registration materials to the doorstep. Its all-inclusive fee of $849 encompasses the state filing fees for the Montana LLC as well as the DMV-related expenses. Its ongoing commitment sets it apart in safeguarding its privacy. It ensures that the information remains entirely off DMV and state records, and they don’t levy any additional charges for this privacy protection, a practice often adopted by other Montana-registered agents. 

Additionally, experts at 5 Star Registration won’t try to upsell people on unnecessary services; they do things the right way by default because they are specialists in Montana vehicle registration and LLC matters and understand the importance of preserving confidentiality. Even though we all know that in Montana, any vehicle can be registered entirely tax-free, many exotic car enthusiasts can enjoy the perk of paying no sales tax. And for this purpose, more than ten thousand car owners have chosen 5 Star Registration.

Price Details

With the extensive process of 5 Star registration, people can start vehicle registration at $1, along with the vehicle registration fees of $849

1 Dollar  Montana 

1 Dollar Montana stands as the most dependable registered agent Montana. Its core values spin around prioritizing customer service and cost-effectiveness. When considering the best-registered agent services in Montana, a vital factor to keep in mind is their exclusive focus on Montana. For this purpose, numerous major law firms entrust the 1$ registration in Montana, recognizing its expertise in all things. People can collaborate directly with them because it grants people access to the same cost-effective rates that law firms carry when entrusting them to manage a multitude of companies on their behalf.

1$ Registration Montana excels in the prompt registration of the LLC and efficient handling of vehicle title work, making them the fastest in the business. All the legal documents are seamlessly integrated into the account and securely stored at no extra cost. They offer automated annual report filing at a modest fee of $50. Additionally, they provide complimentary shipping of the Montana plates, titles, and any DMV sources directly to the doorstep. 

Package Details

Its initial fee is just $1 to get started, with a $299 charge for the LLC and a $549 fee for vehicle registration services, resulting in a total cost of $849. They take pride in offering the most budget-friendly and expeditious service, and their prices remain consistent without any increases. Following the initial setup, the ongoing cost is only $49 per year, which is notably more economical than other providers.


LLCTLC is another dedicated partner for streamlining the registration of a wide array of vehicles under the LLC in Montana. From cars and motorcycles to ATVs, RVs, trailers, boats, and even aircraft, they offer a complete solution. Its extensive services encompass LLC formation and the hassle-free registration of the vehicle, all available at a fixed rate starting at $1,295. 

So whether a person is looking to register vehicles they already own (a transfer) or recently acquired new vehicles, LLCTLC Montana provides specific provisions for the registration of a wide range of vehicle types. LLCTLC performs as the designated registered agent that handles all the necessary paperwork and acts as the official representative of the LLC during the vehicle registration procedure at the county level. Hence, people can effectively rely on LLCTLC to guide them through this process smoothly, guaranteeing that their vehicles are correctly registered under the LLC in Montana. 

Package Details

LLCTLC offers a hassle-free vehicle registration package at $1,295, along with annual registered agent services, LLC formation, and a standard vehicle registration process.

$49 Montana Registered Agent

$49 Montana registered agent is another Registered Agent Montana that covers the entire process, including the LLC establishment, the title-related services, and the initial year of the Department of Motor Vehicle fees. Following the first year, people will only be responsible for directly covering the DMV costs unless they opt for permanent plates. 

Additionally, Montana companies are liable to make an annual payment of $20 to the Montana Secretary of State on April 15th. For this purpose, Montana (MVD) can assess a fee starting from $80 to $310 based on the type of vehicle that is licensed and registered. For a good Montana registered agent service, $49 Montana Registered Agent LLC is a good choice. 

Last Best Registered Agent

The Last Best Registered Agent is another good company that can handle the Montana LLC formation and vehicle registration process regardless of where people reside, the state where the Driver’s License is registered, or where a person purchases their vehicle. There’s no need for people or the vehicle to physically be in Montana to obtain Montana license plates and acquire the out-of-state luxury vehicle without incurring sales tax. The Last Best Registered agent can effectively handle the formation of a Montana LLC on people’s behalf, utilizing the local business address within the application and providing them with all the necessary LLC documents.

To legally set up an LLC in Montana, the state mandates that people appoint a Montana Registered Agent who will file on their behalf and oversee the entity’s annual compliance. The price of the Last Best Registered Agent services to register and manage the vehicle within a Montana LLC is a mere fraction of the substantial savings. 

Pro Tip to Employ a Registered Agent Montana

Indeed, in all states, people have the option to serve as their own company’s registered agent. In fact, any individual or business that meets a state’s registered agent requirements can assume this role. In some states, it’s even possible for a corporation or LLC to perform as its registered service agent. However, the essential question is whether people should take on the responsibility of being their registered agent. In such a case, a pro tip here is to choose the best Montana registered agent.

Our Verdict on Best Registered Agent Montana | 2024

A registered agent is essential in Montana because a designated individual or entity is entrusted with the responsibility of receiving legal notifications, known as service of process, on behalf of the business. Every state mandates that both LLCs and corporations must have a registered agent if they conduct business within that state. However, some states use different titles for the position, such as an agent for service of process, a resident agent, or a statutory agent. Moreover, all the Montana registered agents are required to maintain a physical location within the state, referred to as a registered office.

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