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Ensuring your UTV is officially registered before starting your off-road trip is essential. Registering UTV in Montana comes with many benefits like zero sales tax. The registration procedure for UTVs in Montana has been reduced and made more approachable in 2023, making it simpler than ever for both locals and tourists. 

If you require a how-to guide to tackle all your queries related to Montana UTV registration, you’ve landed at the right place. Let’s dive in! 

Understanding the UTVs

Before delving into the registration process, it’s essential to understand what UTVs are and why they are so popular. Utility task vehicles, SXS or UTVs, are motorized off-road vehicles created for various outdoor activities. They are suited to withstand rugged terrain and are available in various sizes and styles, from small two-seat versions to bigger four-seat alternatives, making them perfect for exploring Montana’s varied landscapes.

UTVs have swiftly emerged as a preferred mode of transportation for hunting, fishing, camping, and leisurely exploration. UTVs give adventurers access to distant regions that would be difficult to reach without their tough construction and off-road skills.

The Importance of UTV Registration

Despite the fantastic potential for adventure provided by UTVs, restrictions nevertheless apply to them. Anyone wishing to use UTVs legally must complete the UTV registration process. Registration helps law enforcement maintain track of these vehicles for various reasons, including safety precautions, emergency response, and wildlife management, and it guarantees that UTVs adhere to environmental and safety requirements.

UTV registration helps to prevent fraud and theft by giving each vehicle a unique identifying number. 

Montana UTV Registration

With the help of Montana’s street legal UTV program, UTV owners now have the flexibility to drive their vehicles on both paved roads and off-road terrain. This program is made possible because, in Montana, four-wheeled vehicles are included in the legal definition of a motorbike under the term “Quadricycles.” 

What Is a Quadricycle?

A “quadricycle” is defined by Montana’s Motor Vehicle Code as a four-wheeler auto vehicle intended for on- or off-road operation with a seat that the driver occupies. It’s vital to note that golf carts are not encompassed in this listing since they are not considered quadricycles under Montana law.

Street-Legal Quad Bikes

The UTV street legal program in Montana enables UTVs to be registered as quadricycles for use either on or off-road or both. Montana, unlike some other states, does not mandate quadricycle state permits, emissions testing, or Montana vehicle registration updates. This means that to register your quadricycle as a quadricycle, neither you nor your quadricycle needs to reside in Montana.

Street Legal SXS and Their Freedom

The way Montana handles street-legal UTVs is distinctive in allowing vehicles made for off-road use to be registered for on-road use. With no additional inspections or emissions testing required, this adaptability gives SXS owners the freedom to explore a variety of terrains, from rocky wilderness routes to public roadways.

The quadricycle program in Montana also does away with the requirement that vehicle owners live in the state. This makes Montana a well-liked option for UTV fans nationwide because people from other states can now benefit from its tolerant registration policy.

Parts Necessary to Register as Street Legal

Particular components must be installed to register your UTV as a street-legal quadricycle in Montana. These components are necessary to guarantee safety and adherence to Montana’s quadricycle registration requirements. Let’s examine the list of necessary components in more detail.

The Montana Form MV-70, which acts as the official manual for UTV owners wanting to register their vehicles as quadricycles, lists the necessary components. These components comprise the fundamental safety gear often featured as a standard feature on contemporary UTVs. It’s vital to remember that installing these components on your UTV is required before you can continue with the registration procedure.

Here is the list of required parts (complete street legal SXS package) for registering a UTV as a street-legal quadricycle in Montana:

  • One or Two Headlights: Your UTV must be equipped with one or two headlights, depending on the specific UTV model. These headlights should provide adequate illumination for safe nighttime driving.
  • At Least One Red Taillight: A red taillight is crucial for signaling your presence to vehicles approaching from behind, enhancing safety during nighttime or low-visibility conditions.
  • At Least One Red Brake Light: A red brake light is essential for signaling when you apply the brakes, ensuring that vehicles following you know your deceleration.
  • At Least One White License Plate Light: A white license plate light is necessary to illuminate your UTV’s license plate, making it easily readable, especially in the dark.
  • At Least One Red Reflector at the Rear: Red reflectors at the rear of your UTV enhance visibility from behind, helping other drivers identify your vehicle.
  • At Least One Amber or White Reflector at the Front: Amber or white reflectors at the front of your UTV improve visibility from the front, alerting oncoming traffic to your presence.
  • At Least One Mirror: A mirror is essential for providing a clear view of the road behind you, enhancing safety, and allowing you to monitor traffic.
  • Electronic Horn: Your UTV should be equipped with an electronic horn compliant with Montana regulations. It should not produce “unreasonably loud, harsh sounding, or whistle-like” noises.
  • Full Exhaust with Mufflers: The exhaust system of your UTV must include mufflers and cannot have bypasses or cut-outs that could increase noise levels.
  • Rubber Tires: Your UTV must have rubber tires, which can be air/pneumatic or solid rubber. Other types of traction devices like skis or tracks are not allowed for street legal operation.
  • Working Brakes on All Wheels: Ensure that all wheels of your UTV are equipped with functioning brakes to maintain control and safety while driving.

Before installing these components on your UTV, carefully check the MV-70 form’s complete specifications, which include information on the height and brightness of lights.

It’s crucial to remember that those UTVs that cannot go faster than 25 MPH must display a slow-moving vehicle sign, and complying horns must adhere to strict sound standards. When you switch on the headlights, the taillights should also switch on. Additionally, your UTV shouldn’t make any strange noises or bothersome smoke.

These are the minimal specifications for registering a UTV as a quadricycle in Montana. Still, it’s wise to add extra components to increase safety and make your UTV look more like a typical street-legal vehicle, especially if you intend to drive it outside of Montana.

How to Register UTV as Quadricycle in Montana?

We will now go over registering a UTV as a street-legal quadricycle in Montana for both in-state and out-of-state applicants. The registration process for quadricycles in Montana is very simple, providing a hassle-free method to enjoy the freedom of operating your UTV on both trails and roads. Let’s discuss the procedure.

For Montana Residents

For people living in Montana, registering a UTV as a street-legal quadricycle is simple. If your UTV is equipped with the required components, you can complete the necessary paperwork, obtain a valid license plate, and begin driving in no time. These are the steps:

Step 1: Gather Required Documents

To register a quadricycle in Montana, residents must provide three documents:

  1. Evidence of Self-Inspection Completion (Montana MVD Form MV-70): You can print and complete this form, which you will later take to the Montana Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). It’s recommended that another completed copy should be stored for reference.
  2. Completed Montana Title Application (Montana MVD Form MV-1): Print and complete a copy of this form.
  3. Valid Proof of Ownership: This can be an active street-legal registration from a state that doesn’t issue titles for UTVs, an existing title (in/out-of-state), or a Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin/Certificate of Origin (MSO/MCO).

Step 2: Finish the MV-70 Self-Inspection Form

The full MV-70, including the parts checklist and the Vehicle Description section, must be completed by you since no state inspections are necessary to register your UTV. Before registering, necessary components must be installed on your UTV. Basic details about you and your UTV, like the year, make, model, and VIN must be provided. To confirm that your UTV is appropriately outfitted to become a street-legal quadricycle in Montana, sign and date the document at the bottom under the penalty of law.

Step 3: Complete the MV-1 Montana Title Application

MVD Form MV-1 in Montana should be printed out and filled out. A title (local or out-of-state), an MSO/MCO, or evidence of an ongoing street-legal registration from a state that doesn’t issue UTV titles are all acceptable forms of current proof of ownership for your UTV.

Step 4: Drop by Your Local County Treasurer’s Office

The last step is to complete your UTV registration by paying your fees in person at your county treasurer’s office. When visiting the treasurer’s office, ensure your UTV is already street-legal. 

Both the quadricycle registration fee mentioned in the Montana DOJ Fee Schedule and the title fees listed at the top of Form MV-1 must be paid. Some circumstances may necessitate additional charges. Following payment of the payments, you should obtain a Montana license plate right away. 

You’ll receive a letter with your Montana title and related documents a month later. After completing these steps, you can register your UTV in Montana. 

Temporary Non-Resident Registration

You don’t have to pay for a complete Montana registration if you’re from another state and will just be in Montana for a short while. Instead, you have the option of quarterly UTV registration. Vehicles registered in this way must always have two license plates visible: one from their home state and one from Montana. This is the best choice for visitors to Montana who will only be staying temporarily for leisure or business. For more information, speak with your area’s county treasurer’s office.

Current Street Legal UTV Registration Transfer to Montana

If your UTV satisfies all standards for a quadricycle and is already registered in another state, you may transfer that registration to Montana.

For Out-of-State Applicants

If you’re not a Montana resident but wish to register your UTV as a street-legal quadricycle in Montana, you can do so without ever visiting the state. These are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Fill Out the Required Forms

Out-of-state applicants must complete forms MV-1 and MV-70, just like Montana residents.

Step 2: Create a Montana LLC

The difficulty for applicants from outside Montana is that the state will only register a vehicle to someone who can demonstrate Montana residency. Forming an LLC in Montana and registering your UTV under it is the appropriate solution. 

Step 3: Complete the Registration Process

Once your Montana LLC is established, you can easily finish the registration procedure as previously mentioned. Vehicles older than 11 years can get permanent registration license in Montana.

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Final Words: Montana UTV Registration

The registration procedure for UTVs in Montana has significantly improved, making it easier than ever for citizens and non-residents to register their vehicles legally. 

The straightforward UTV registration process in Montana opens the door to a wealth of experiences and memories, whether you’re a local planning a weekend getaway or a visitor looking for a fantastic off-road adventure.

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